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Super Industrial
A company
in the field of rotomoulding
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Super Lifestyle
The Perfect Base
For Your Home
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Super Solar Float
Complete Solution Provider For Your Solar Flotation
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Custom Molding
Custom Molding India.
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Yolo Kayaks
Go where you feel most alive
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Solar Energy

Our machinery traditionally operates on electricity, contributing to our carbon footprint. In response, we have taken significant steps to address thi environmental impact.
A 575 KW solar plant has been installed on our factory rooftop since the close of 2021, resulting in our entire power consumption being sourced from green energy. This initiative has substantially reduced our carbon footprint, with one of our machines operating entirely on this sustainable renewable energy source, This step has helped us in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and depletion of natural resources. Products manufactured using this green energy are being exported globally.
In addition to our commitment to sustainable energy, our products are crafted using recyclable materials. Any rejected products in the manufacturing cycle are systematically broken down and repurposed in the creation of some of our other products.
Through our comprehensive approach to manufacturing and environmental responsibility, we strive to contribute positively to both our industry and the global community.
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